Making stacks

LTD "Meqanizatori" is making stacks in Marneuli.

Harvest in Dedoplistskaro

Combine-harvesters of LTD "Meqanizatori" harvests wheat in Dedoplistskaro.

Fill with fertilizers

LTD "Meqanizatori" ploughs with planting plough.

Barley harvesting in Marneuli

Combine-Harvesters of LTD "Meqanizatori" harvest barley in Marneuli municipality.


LTD "Meqanizatori" plants sunflowers in the village Teleti. 

Testing Georgian ploughs

LTD "Meqanizatori"  tests Georgian ploughs in Kaspi, which are produced on base of  Company.

Transport of equipment in West Georgia

LTD "Meqanizatori" is transporting equipment to the  West Georgia,  to complete works in agro-terms.

Ploughing in Kaspi

LTD "Meqanizatori" in Kaspi actively carries out ploughing works, which are provided by "Project of Supporting Small Farmers in 2015 Spring Work".

Ploughing In villages bordering Conflict zones

LTD "Meqanizatori"  is ploughing In villages bordering Conflict zones. 

Onion greenhouse-seedlings

LTD "Meqanizatori" plants greenhouse-seedlings of onion with  brand-new technologies in Marneuli municipality. 

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Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia
Georgian Amelioration
Scientific-Research Center of Agriculture
Laboratory of  The Ministry of Agriculture
National Wine Agency of Georgia
National Food Agency
Rural Development Agency