Start harvesting

LTD "Meqanizatori" actively harvests grain-crops cultures.

Opening ploughing in Marneuli

Plough works are starting in Marneuli Municipality which is considered by "Project of Supporting Small Farmers in 2016 Spring works". LTD "Meqanizatori" is actively involved in process.

Harvesting in conflict zone bordering villages

LTD "Meqanizatori" is actively involved in grain crops harvesting in  conflict zone bordering villages, of inner Kartli. 

Harvesting in cross-border villages

Harvesting in conflict zone bordering villages is provided by LTD "Meqanizatori".

Combine-harvesters from Azerbaijan

This year, there is a highest amount of harvest of all-time. To provide harvesting without interruption and in agro-terms, The Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, conducted combine-harvesters from Republic of Azerbaijan.

Start harvesting in Tsnori

Grain crops harvesting  is starting in Tsnori. 

Ploughing in Abasha

LTD "Meqanizatori" performs ploughing works in Abasha.

Ploughing in Zadiantkari

LTD "Meqanizatori" ploughs in the conflict zone bordering village, Zadiaantkari.

Ploughing in Bazaleti

LTD "Meqanizatori" actively ploughs in Bazaleti.

Harvests in the villages bordering conflict zone

LTD "Meqanizatori" actively harvests in the villages  bordering conflict zone. 

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