Spring ploughing works in Sagarejo

In Sagarejo, LTD "Meqanizatori" actively carries out Spring ploughing works.

Autumn ploughing works in Tamarisi

Autumn ploughing works are coming to an end.

Autumn ploughing works in Marneuli

LTD "Meqanizatori" continues Autumn works in Marneuli municipality.

Wheat sowing

Wheat Sowing in Sagarejo Municipality.

Wheat Sowing

Autumn seed works in Dedoplistskaro are in active phase.

LTD "Meqanizatori" in Siraki Valley

LTD "Meqanizatori" Carries out Land cultivation works in Shiraki Valley.

LTD "Meqanizatori" performs Autumn ploughing works in Dedoplistskaro

LTD "Meqanizatori" performs Autumn ploughing works in Dedoplistskaro.

Potato harvesting in Akhalkalaki

LTD "Meqanizatori" is carrying out potato harvesting in Akhalkalaki.

Herbicide Treatment, in Marneuli

LTD "Meqanizatori" performs herbicide treatments of wheat harvest.

Barley harvesting, Dedoplistskaro

Barley harvesting is  entering active phase in Dedoplistskaro. Combine-harvesters of LTD "Meqanizatori" are ready to  carry out mentioned works. 

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